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Dynamic Endoscope

For most veterinarians, the standard method of diagnosis of upper respiratory problems and airway abnormalities involves an endoscopic exam. While the horse is at rest, a long narrow tube with a camera on one end is inserted into the horse's nasal cavity and passed toward the upper airway to diagnose the leading causes of poor performance.

However, a diagnosis can be complicated by the fact that the upper airway may appear different when the horse is at rest than it does while the horse is exercising. If a horse displays a normal resting endoscopic exam but is still experiencing; exercise intolerance, poor performance, or an unusual noise during exercise, Southern Equine Service now has the tool to find subtle abnormalities or problems in motion.


  • Accurate diagnosis
  • Some abnormalities are only apparent during exercise
  • True evaluation during high-speed exercise
  • Examine the horse with the head and neck in the positions used while riding

Static endoscope exams are very beneficial but there are certain things that we cannot evaluate. With the Dynamic Endoscope, speed and distance can be replicated as well as the rider influence and track condition.

THIS ---->https://southernequineservicecom.vetmatrixbase.com/services/sports-medicine/dynamic-endoscope.html

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I just want to send out a most heartfelt thanks to Dr.Carter and his amazing staff! They are truly one of a kind! They have done just a wonderful job taking care of Kelly! The love and attention to her is so appreciated! God Bless all of them.

Aiken, SC

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